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The Crypt of Civilization is a sealed airtight chamber built between 1937 and 1940 at Oglethorpe University in Brookhaven, Georgia, in Metro Atlanta. The 2,000-cubic-foot (57 m 3) room contains numerous artifacts and documents, and is designed for opening in the year 8113 AD.

In a sign of the times, doomsday prep is bipartisan

In 1962, the fallout shelter craze peaked, but the end of the world is experiencing a revival. Now, 55 years, some folks are prepping for the collapse of civilization and they span the ideological divide. From rural Northwest preppers stockpiling … Continue reading →

Only in Nebraska – Cornhusker state oddities

Can’t make it to England’s Stonehenge anytime soon? Visit Carhenge near Alliance. Its nearly 40 pieces are vintage autos spray-painted gray and set in an arrangement that mirrors the Stonehenge monoliths in size and orientation. Experimental artist Jim Reinders built Carhenge as a memorial to his father, who once lived on the property.


Atlanta’s most haunted: Visiting the city’s off road Halloween haunts – The Signal

It’s hard to be original on Halloween. Eventually, the old haunts just don’t seem as haunted as they did before. You’re over running from a teenager in a costume at Six Flag’s Fright Fest or waiting in line for hours at Netherworld in the cold.


New World Coins – Silver Skyline Dollar Notes, Time Capsule Coin from Coin Invest Trust

Description In recent years a new line of collector’s items has been established: banknotes that are not made of paper, but of precious metals. While usually the items for sale are merely collector’s objects without any nominal value, Coin Invest Trust (CIT) has now issued the first real legal tender silver note – a first that will certainly be followed by many successive issues.

A treasure hunt for time capsules in Salem

A small tin can on a shelf in the archives at Willamette Heritage Center is labeled “Marion County Historical Society Open: 2062.” Its contents are a mystery. A large wooden chest in the League of Oregon Cities office is marked to be opened in 100 years, and inside are mementos from dozens of cities.

Archiving a Website for Ten Thousand Years

* * A time capsule is bottled optimism. It makes material the belief that human beings will survive long enough to retrieve and decode artifacts of the distant past. In 1938, during the planning stages of the Crypt of Civilization, Jacobs dedicated the vault’s massive steel door.

Watch Crypt of Civilization Full Episode – Life After People | HISTORY

In the post-apocalyptic world, man’s mysterious relics meet very different fates, including those in a site in the U.S. called the “Crypt of Civilization”. Other crypts, safes, and time capsules are exposed to new threats. An abandoned Mental Hospital in Connecticut offers clues regarding man’s ability to preserve records.

This Record-Breaking Time Capsule Room Won’t Be Opened Until Year 8113

A swimming-pool-sized room in Atlanta, Ga. hasn’t seen the light of day since 1940, and it won’t for another 6,1oo years. To provide more evidence for future generations than we have about the past, then-president of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Thornwell Jacobs, turned this room into the first modern time capsule, called the Crypt of Civilization.

Oglethorpe University’s ‘Crypt of Civilization’

Time capsules tap into our fundamental desire not to be forgotten. The earliest example of an American time capsule is the one buried in Boston by Paul Revere and Sam Adams in 1795. The cigar-box-sized capsule was rediscovered and opened in January 2015, revealing coins, newspapers, and a plaque thought to have been engraved by Revere himself.

Trying to Capture a Moment, Many Lose Track of Time

Many groups want to preserve the present by sealing up a time capsule to be found in the future. But most time capsules are lost, says a history professor trying to spark interest in them.

Time Capsule May Give Insights Into the Past — If Only It Can Be Found

Aside from thieves, nuclear conflagration and natural disasters, the greatest challenge to creators of time capsules is human forgetfulness. With the passing of another year, only 6,108 years remain until our descendants can open the time capsule known as the Crypt of Civilization.

A Peek Inside the Crypt of Civilization

One of the things I love most about archives is the way they allow us to connect directly with the past. When I come across something interesting, I feel as though I’ve discovered a piece of hidden truth or insight that has been left just for me.

Time In a Bottle; As the Millennium Approaches, Gadgets Are Piled Into Capsules As a Present for the Future

Interest is growing in time capsules as end of century nears; capsules are being created by civic groups, schools, churches, businesses and surprising number of individuals; discussion focuses on what objects are telling indicators of era and on how to preserve digital data; contents of past capsules noted; photos (M)

Insuring That Capsules Aren’t Lost to Time

ATLANTA, June 2- Three years ago, residents of the town of Wilkinsburg, Pa., prepared to dig up a time capsule buried in the last century. But nobody could remember where it was. ”It seems that the people who buried the capsule decided to keep its location a secret so it wouldn’t be vandalized,” said Knute Berger, a Seattle writer who is an expert on time capsules.

Cartoon 02-07-2016 – Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

The world’s largest time capsule-the Crypt of Civilization, at Atlanta, Georgia’s, Oglethorpe University-won’t be opened until May 28, 8113!

Crypt of Civilization

The Crypt of Civilization, a multimillennial time capsule, is a chamber that was sealed behind a stainless steel door in 1940 at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta. The crypt is the “first successful at

What’s hidden underground in Atlanta? – Atlanta Magazine

Semi-ancient Mariner The ship’s voyage began in 1970 as the centerpiece of the original Dante’s Down the Hatch at Underground Atlanta. The restaurant hasn’t been open since the ’90s, but its ship, a large piece of machinery from an old candy factory, a brick well predating the building, and other eccentric accoutrements remain locked below ground.

Crypt of Civilization

Here’s something for Georgians to look forward to — if you plan on being around 6,000 years from now. In 1936, a new phrase was born — time capsule, thanks to Oglethorpe University president Thornwell Jacobs. Motivated by the opening of the pyramids, Jacobs proposed collecting as much of modern society as possible and sealing it up for six millennia.

Trying to locate a time capsule? Answer might be at Oglethorpe

The envelopes are postmarked from small towns and big cities throughout the U.S. and at least a half-dozen foreign countries. For every thick, expertly tabbed and indexed report, there are many more forms filled out by hand and paper-clipped to aging snapshots or newspaper articles. There’s a VHS tape submitted by a town in Massachusetts.

Library director featured on NYU radio’s “Looking Back at Tomorrow”

Er de gamle breve i Frelserens bagdel ægte?

Du sidder i januar 2018 og vil fortælle en fjern fremtid om vores liv anno nu. Vælger du vores udsigt til en brandvarm klode med millioner af druknede og tørstende? Eller vælger du din morgenmad, din besværlige vej til arbejde, dine favoritter inden for sport og underholdning?

The Crypt of Civilization

Sealed deep within Oglethorpe University is a door that acts as a barrier between a current community with a past population. The concept was conceived by Dr. Thornwell Jacobs who was frustrated by how difficult it was to find substantive information about past civilizations. His goal was to provide information about the current culture to…